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Friday18 October 2019


Research Services has been assisting companies and individuals nationally since 1996 by minimizing liabilities through accurate and comprehensive background checks. Research Services headquarters are located in Avon Connecticut.

While computers can offer database information, they cannot provide human logic. RS personnel will cross reference information to determine its validity providing a more thorough background check.

Every corporation in the U.S knows that legal problems are commonplace risks of doing business. Did you know that employers can be held legally responsible for the conduct of their employees on or off the job? Landlords can be held liable or negligent for the conduct of tenants in their buildings, even when the landlord lives off-site.

Read actual newspaper accounts of how juries and judges have awarded staggering amounts in lawsuits where employers did not check backgrounds!

If you need to reach virtually any of the online background search companies, all you’ll be able to do is send an email and wait for a reply. With research services, you can call us during regular business hours – and always speak to a live research specialist regarding any questions you may have. You can also leave questions or request our assistance through our contact form.