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The majority of people provide truthful, sincere information about themselves. However, businesses today are faced with increased regulation to their hiring practices and to what can and cannot be asked in an interview or credit application. Moreover, who has the time to check every detail of every applicant, every time someone applies? RSI makes it simple with customizable reports that will allow you to gain access to the information you need without having to pay for unwanted information in the process.

Employment Screening:

Employers can be liable for their employee’s conduct, both on-the-job and sometimes even off-the-job. Job applications, interviews, prior references, and personality test cannot tell an employer everything necessary about a prospective or current employee. Research Services provides information vital for an employer to verify an employee’s background information to insure long lasting employment.

Tenant Screening:

Every landlord needs tenants who are reliable, trustworthy, and pay on time. Research Services’ professional researchers quickly provide information so landlords can make informed decisions about prospective tenants.

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