Student Screening

Why order Student Screening?

Research Services works with schools to verify not only faculty members but students as well. We work with several colleges and universities who have programs that include off-campus clinical work. Healthcare programs are the most common in this field. They need to do their clinical work at nearby hospitals. These hospitals require students to pass a background check before they are allowed on-site. They will not allow any risk to their employees or patients from any outside sources. On top of the basic criminal check, we also offer specialized services.

Connecticut PA 16-67 Screening

Effective July 1, 2016, local/regional boards of education, governing councils of state/local charter schools and each interdistrict magnet school operators are required to perform specific background checks on everyone who has the possibility of coming in contact with a student. This new law(PA 16-67) requires schools to do the following tasks, which Research Services can aid you in completing.  

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Common Searches for Students may Include:

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) check will look into the Central Registry of Child Abuse & Neglect. Contractors, employees and volunteers will have to be cleared before they can start work and potentially come in contact with children. Research Services can help lessen your burden by staying on top of the state requirements and let you focus on caring for the children. We will send the DCF request and include the verified form in your report.

You should always check with the official CT.Gov page to check for new versions of the DCF form.

Other Services Include