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Friday18 October 2019


Research Services guarantees excellent customer service and our associates are always available (during regular business hours) to personally speak with you over the phone. Read what some of clients are saying about our service below.

“As a full time real estate investor and landlord, Research Services has been providing me valuable information and insight on my prospective tenants for years. I’ve always been extremely impressed with the personalized attention given to me, not only by the staff, but by the president of the company herself. Research Services is critical to my business, and I’ve been recommending them to other landlords and real estate investors/professionals for years.”

Jeff Mita
Mita Properties

“What sticks out in my mind is the time we thought we found the perfect job candidate – until we ran a background check and Research Services showed us who our candidate really was. It saved us the embarrassment a bad employee can bring to a company and chances were, with this person’s horrible employment history (which was NOT listed on their resume), we would have had one bad apple. Needless to say, this person wasn’t hired and we eventually found a great person to fill the position."

Jana MacChesney
Project Manager
Mason Communications LLC